As we enter 2020, for the next 21 days, January 5th to January 25th, we will embark on a wonderful time of Prayer and Fasting.


We invite you to join us on the Prayer Call every Weekday morning, 6:00am-6:15am. 

The Call in Number is: (646) 876 9923, Meeting ID: 447 217 214

We invite you to join us for live Prayer every Saturday, 9am - 10:00 am at

Love Alive Church, 420 College Dr., #114, Middleburg, FL  32068.


There are different types of fasts that you can embark on... such as:

  • Daniel Fast



  • Juice Fast

No solid food is consumed and instead involves the intake of vegetable juices, fruit juices and water.


  • Water Fast

A water fast is eating no foods and drinking no liquids except water for a period of time.


  • Specific Food or Activity Fast

Omitting a specific item(s), activity or habit from your time of prayer and fasting. For example, you may choose to eliminate red meat, processed or fast food, or sweets. You could also fast from an activity or habit, such as television watching, or social media.


  • Time Specific Fasting

Only fasting for a particular time, i.e., 6am – 6pm


You can download the Prayer Journal & Fasting Guidelines that we will be using during the 21 days to go along with us.  There is one for adults and one for children.


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