What is the Launch Team?

Love Alive Church's Launch Team is simply a growing team of people that are excited to help us get Love Alive launched (started). Between now and our launch date, we are gathering people to help us with this very thing. We encourage you to read the "Who We Are & What We Believe" sections. If our beliefs connect with yours, then consider joining the launch team.We, alone, cannot accomplish all that God has called us to do without people like you assisting us in spreading the word to efficiently reach as many people as possible. That is where our Launch Team comes in.

What Will You Be Doing?

Before our launch date, the most important role that the Launch Team will play is getting-the-word-out and getting people excited to come do life with us as a church. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers, tell a guy in the parking lot, tell anyone who even looks your direction! Our goal is to have each person on the Launch Team tell at least five people a week that Love Alive is coming and it's going to be a powerful, healthy, and fun place to learn about God and His goodness. 

We also want our Launch Team to invite their friends and family to join the Launch Team, too. The more hands, feet, and voices we have on our team, the better chance we have of making our presence known in this city before and after our launch date. Because honestly, church is not about numbers to us. But it is about gathering as many as possible to ultimately introduce them to Jesus and help them fall in love with the God that created them and loves them.

As our launch date nears, we will begin defining our teams for the Sunday Worship Experience. We will utilize your passions and giftings in areas such as nursery workers, hospitality teams, parking attendants, set-up and teardown crews, etc., to place you in an area that you will find fulfillment serving in.

What Type of Commitment Should I Expect?

The commitment that we ask for is simple. Everyone will play a different part and we all have different schedules. So there are only three main things that we ask of you:

  1. To attend our scheduled Launch Team meetings.

  2. To sincerely talk to your friends and family to become a part of our Launch Team, as well.

  3. To support Love Alive with your time, lots of positive chatter, and financial giving.


What Are The Prerequisites?

Well let us first say that you do not have to be a pastor or in bible college, or even have ever volunteered in a church before. We do not require perfection from you. When Jesus gathered His disciples, He drew on men from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and diversity. They were businessmen, educated and uneducated, blue collar workers and laborers, but they all shared the same passion to help people by the love of God. That is exactly what we desire of our Launch Team.

Others have said it this way: "If you are breathing, have a pulse, and want to make a difference... this is the place for you."

If you are interested, fill out the info card below (or simply shoot us an email) and we will be in touch soon!


Launch Team Info

Join the growing team of men and women who will be launching Love Alive Church in Orange Park, Florida. So that we can learn more about you, please complete the form below, press submit and someone will contact you shortly.




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